What is a University-Model School?

Denton Calvary Academy is a University-Model® School (UMS).  University-Model Schooling was developed as a means of acquiring a high-quality education that helps disciple Christian young people while strengthening the home. This goal is accomplished by offering an academically sound education in a structure that integrates the home and the school in the common enterprise of making disciples.  Thus, a quality education, centered on the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, also becomes quality family time devoted to learning more about the Creator and His creation.

University-Model Schooling utilizes a university schedule.  Students attend classes on campus certain days of the week and continue their class work at home on the off-campus days.  The combination of on-campus and off-campus days creates a five day school week for students.  As such, it should be understood that on average a student will need to dedicate an equivalent amount of time on his off-campus days as that spent in class.  Teachers will assign work that is integral to the completion of the course objectives and therefore must be completed before returning to class.