Process for Admission

 1.  Attend a DCA Information Meeting.

All K-11th grade prospective families are required to attend an information meeting about Denton Calvary Academy before the admission process can begin. These meetings are held at scheduled times, posted on the Admission Calendar or communicated through direct communication with prospective families.

2.  Review all school material and pray.

Carefully review each handout, including the DCA Handbook, available on this website under DCA Parent/Student Handbook. Contact the school Admissions Director if there are any questions.

3. Complete the application.

Fill out an online application for admission for K-11th grade and submit to the school. Please note that there is a non-refundable/non-transferable application fee per student required at this time.

4. Secure student evaluations.

Three evaluation forms must be completed and emailed, faxed or mailed to the Calvary office. These forms need to be confidentially completed by former teachers, preferably math or language arts, and returned by said teachers in a sealed envelope to the school. If a student has not been in a classroom environment, a Sunday school teacher, Awanas leader, coach or other adult who has seen them interact with peers and adults will suffice.

5. Schedule placement testing.

Placement testing is required for all incoming students in grades three through twelve, but may be waived with the submission of scores from a nationally normed test administered within the last year. Tests are administered during the admission process in order to ensure that each family might better determine the comparative relationship between the student and Calvary’s level of course work. Testing will be scheduled by the admissions staff. Students entering first or second grade are not tested but will be observed. A testing fee of $50 will be assessed for any student who needs testing.

6. Schedule a school admission family interview.

The admission office will call to arrange an interview. If the applicant has brothers or sisters at Calvary, it is not necessary to have another family interview as long as all candidates were present in the first interview. The candidate will be interviewed alone or, in the case of young children, an observation time with other candidates will be arranged.

Notification of Admission Decision

Once the interview process has been completed, each family will receive a letter from the admission committee informing them of the committee’s decision. Please note, an acceptance letter from the Admission Committee does not automatically confirm a course schedule at DCA. Due to the nature of our school, the registration process is separate from the admission process. If school records or placement testing indicate a significant academic problem, the student may be admitted provisionally, with specific guidelines involving student achievement, tutoring, parental responsibility, etc. If the student is able to register and show ability to perform successfully at DCA, the provisional status may be lifted. If, however, the student is not able to perform successfully, another placement may be recommended.

Registration Materials

Those students accepted to DCA will receive an email with enrollment and registration instructions. High school students will be contacted by the Academic Advisor to arrange a meeting to discuss diploma options for graduation. All students entering high school are required to undergo academic advising for the purpose of stating intent toward graduation and selecting a diploma plan. Students not planning to graduate from DCA must still confer with the Academic Advisor to clarify their purposes for attending the school. Enrollment forms are submitted online and include a nonrefundable/nontransferable admission fee by the date stated in the email.