Financial Policies

Commitment Policy

Upon registering, each family commits to the full tuition and associated fees for that student in accordance with the financial commitment policy. If a family chooses to make changes in a student’s registration, they will be subject to the financial commitment policy. Families may make any changes to a student’s registration with no financial commitment or schedule change fee within the schedule change period. If a withdrawal occurs after this date and before 3:00 Friday of the end of the second week of school, families will not receive a refund of any tuition paid and will not be held liable for remaining tuition due. After the second week of school, families will be responsible to pay 1/2 of the annual tuition for a dropped course or courses. After the end of the first quarter, payment of 100% tuition is required.

All tuition and fees (academic and/or athletic) that have been paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

No portion of tuition already paid will be refunded for a student who is dismissed from DCA for violation of school policy or procedure.  Upon last day of attendance, the FACTS account for this student will be closed and no further payments will be drawn. Payment to DCA will be applied only to the student’s account on which the payment was made.

Payments received by DCA will be applied first to the oldest balance owed at the time of receipt.

Athletic tuition commitment

In order to properly plan for staffing and equipment for a sport it is important for students to sign up during registration. All students are considered 50% committed to athletic tuition at the close of registration and 100% committed as of the dates listed below. There is a 15% discount if three sports are signed up for at registration. Please note that adding a sport at a later date will be subject to space availability and will incur an add fee equal to half the cost of the sport. Sports may not be added after the first game of the season.

Cheer Squad
     -   100% tuition commitment as of the first Monday in June 
     -    Camp fees are non-refundable.
     -    If a uniform has been ordered for your student, you are responsible for the cost of the uniform regardless of participation.  The uniforms are custom fitted  to your student.

Fall Sports (Football, Volleyball, Fall Tennis, Cross Country, JH Soccer)
100% tuition commitment as of the first Monday in June

Winter Sports (Basketball, HS Soccer)
100% tuition commitment as of the second Monday in September

Spring Sports (Baseball, Softball, Spring Tennis, Track)
100% tuition commitment as of the first Monday in November


Financial Policy for Changing Courses after end of 1st quarter

Transferring Out of a…

Into a…

no refund

study hall
enroll in study hall but no charge

study hall
no refund but apply remainder of study hall balance toward class

charge for difference

no refund

pay difference in class if higher price

Schedule Change Fee

Any change after the end of the schedule change period will be subject to a $50 schedule change fee.

Late Payment Fees

A late payment processing fee of $25.00 will be assessed for each past due invoice not received before the due date.  In addition, a $25 service fee will be charged for checks returned by the bank.

Transfer Credit Fees

A transfer credit fee is assessed for those courses not taken at DCA submitted for credit toward graduation requirements. Students who transfer to DCA during high school are subject to a per course fee. Those students who submit a transfer course during current enrollment in DCA will be subject to a fee $250 per course per semester. In addition, those students requiring test proctoring for a transfer credit will be subject to a $50 proctoring fee.