Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When and what time will the funds be withdrawn from my bank account?

While FACTS transacts each payment on the specified date (5th or 20th of each month), it is your financial institution that determines the time of day the payment is debited. FACTS recommends checking with your financial institution to determine how far in advance funds should be deposited into your account to ensure the automatic payment clears. If a payment date falls on a weekend or banking holiday, the payment will be transacted the following business day.

2.  How will I be notified of my payment information?

Once your agreement is posted to the FACTS system and the School enters the net tuition amount, you will receive a confirmation notification of your payment amount by e-mail or letter in approximately 10 days. Payments will be processed until the total balance is paid in full. The notification has important information you must have to log on to MyFACTS Account.

3.  What is the FACTS Access Code?

To help protect your privacy, FACTS asks the person responsible for the payments to create an access code. If you should inquire online through MyFACTS Account or call into FACTS inquiring about your FACTS agreement, you will be required to verify your FACTS Access Code. If you do not create an access code when you enroll, one will be randomly assigned to you and included in your FACTS Confirmation letter. Please remember to keep a copy of your confirmation notification.

4.  What happens if FACTS attempts to process my payment and there are not enough funds in my account?

Should an automatic bank payment or credit card payment be returned, a $30.00 FACTS Returned Payment Fee will be automatically assessed to your account. This is in addition to any interest penalty the school may assess. You will be notified by FACTS of the returned payment via mail or e-mail. For payment scheduled for the 5th of the month, the reattempt will occur on the 20th.

5.  What about enrollment in the FACTS payment plan in future years?

The FACTS payment plan enables the school to automatically reenroll families in payment plans over successive years, saving time for both the school office and your family. Should your tuition payments be made through FACTS the following year, you would be notified in advance by Denton Calvary.

6.  How will I pay other expenses at the school?

You will receive a notice from the school for other expenses and payment for these will be made directly to the school.  In some cases, expenses may be added to your FACTS account.