Advanced Electives for Distinguished Diploma

In order to give our students the opportunity to receive the best education possible, a change was made to the Distinguished Diploma Plan graduation requirements  beginning with the class of 2014. Calculus (which was formerly a requirement for the Distinguished Plan) is now one of several Advanced Elective options from which students on the Distinguished Plan will be required to choose.  We hope these options will allow you to choose an advanced course that will be well-suited to your interests, yet still be challenging enough to reflect the level of what would be expected of a distinguished graduate.

While Calculus on our campus is not required, we do still feel that it is the best of the Advanced Elective options.  The coursework currently covers only two new concepts per week and leaves one day for going over homework and answering questions.  Calculus I taken on the college level is completed in one semester where ours is completed in a full year.  If taken on our campus, Calculus will not count as college credit (although you may opt to take the AP test in May for credit) but will provide a good mathematical, problem-solving foundation for any math class you choose to take post-high school.  Students enrolled in math classes at Calvary also benefit from Math Lab offered two days a week.

Students in their junior and senior year and on track to graduate may request to substitute up to four Calvary courses with their equivalent dual credit course(s) to be applied toward graduation requirements –  including courses taken to meet the Advanced Elective requirement.  Typically seniors taking dual-credit classes choose to take English and Government/Economics, so choosing to take an Advanced Elective as dual credit will affect what other courses you will be able to take.