Requesting Courses

Online course requesting will be made available beginning March 23, 2018.  Course requests must be made through Renweb by 3:30 on Friday, April 6th. After that, there will be a $50 fee for schedule changes. Please be aware there is a Financial Committment Policy (see the Parent/Student Handbook). If you are uncertain about a class, it is better to add it later in order to avoid being financially committed for the entire tuition. Please do not wait until the last day of course requesting to choose classes, in case there are problems.

In order to select your student's classes follow the instructions below.

1.  Sign into Parent's Web.

2.  Select "Student Information".

3.  Select "Course Request".

4.  Select each of your students individually and put a check by the courses they would like to enroll in for next year. Most secondary students will be selecting six classes (including study hall) plus any sports in which they want to enroll.  Refer to the Tuition & Fees and the Academic Planning Guide links on the left for more information. (Remember that in high school, most electives are semester classes.) If your student has a gap in his/her schedule and needs a study hall, please register for that at this time. (Remember there are no first or last period study halls) If your student will be arriving after first period or leaving campus during any of the class periods, please select "Off Campus".  Sports that you are currently enrolled in this year will say "enrolled" beside it. You will need to go ahead and select the sport for next year as current enrollment does not affect next year.