Transfer Credits

Students who choose to take a course off campus must follow the procedure for requesting transfer credit detailed in the guidelines to follow.  It is the responsibility of the Denton Calvary family to follow these policies and fulfill all requirements.  Failure to follow policies, fulfill requirements, or submit complete and accurate documentation will result in the course’s not receiving approval and may cause the student not to graduate.    

The deadline to request transfer credits:
              Fall semester: Friday of the first week of school   
             Spring semester:  Friday, the last day of quarter 2
             Summer semester:  Friday, the last day of quarter 4

Guidelines for Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Criteria (except Fine Art credits)

To meet the school’s criteria, a transfer credit must have a passing final grade and be a credit-bearing class from an accredited high school or online program, which is equivalent in content, level, and rigor to the required Denton Calvary course.  The Academic Committee reserves the right to verify that the course content is equivalent to that required at Denton Calvary.

Transfer Credit for Fine Arts Requirement

A fine art credit may be earned through private instruction or a class as listed above.  Students must complete all transfer paperwork and receive approval of the curriculum and course instructor before beginning private instruction.  Students requesting transfer credit through private instruction must complete sixteen hours of direct instruction per semester, combined with thirty-two hours per semester of chronicled outside practice/independent work. 

In lieu of coursework and tests, submission of the following will be required with the Course Approval form:

  1. Log recording hours of instruction (initialed by private instructor),
  2. Log showing practice time (initialed by parent), and
  3. Depending on the type of fine art taken by the student, photographs, an audio recording, or a video of the student showing acquired proficiency.

Transfer Credits for High School Students New to DCA

Students must submit transcripts or, in the case of home schooled students, a listing of courses taken prior to admittance.  All prior course work must be submitted for approval using the method set forth in the Guidelines for Transfer Credit and approved by the Academic Committee before the first day of class.  All transferring high school students must fulfill the requirements for all course work as determined by DCA.  Any student who does not meet the requirements must fulfill the requirement by completing the appropriate course at Denton Calvary.  See current DCA Parent/Student Handbook for more details. 

Transfer Credit Fee
There is a $250 per semester fee for transfer courses taken while enrolled at Denton Calvary Academy. The fee is due upon the initial request for the transfer course with the related forms.                  

Proctoring Fee
Families who require test proctoring for a transfer course may be subject to a $50 fee per proctoring session.  This fee is due at the time of the proctoring session. 

Late Fee
Students who turn in their Course Approval Form and transfer course work/time logs after the stated deadline will be subject to a $50 per month late fee.  Additionally, work turned in late may hinder a student from approval to begin the next semester of coursework in the transfer credit process.

Procedure for Requesting Transfer Credit

  1. Transfer courses are accepted on a SEMESTER basis.  Each semester will be evaluated separately and credit will be given by semester only.
  2. Complete a “Request for Transfer Credit” form.  The student and parent must sign the form acknowledging that they understand and agree with the requirements and policies set forth for transfer credits.  This form must be turned in for the first semester of a course within the first week of the school year, and within the final  week of the second quarter for the second semester. The request must be approved by the Academic Committee before the student may begin the course.
  3. Upon approval, the student may begin the course semester using the approved curriculum from an accredited institution (except fine art credits).  Any changes must be approved by the Academic Committee before beginning course work.  Failure to gain approval for changes will result in the course’s not receiving credit.
  4. Upon completion of the course semester, student must submit a transcript or official grade report to the Academic Advisor. Students seeking Fine Art credits should also submit proof of proficiency such as, but not limited to, a performance audio or video, and the Instruction/Practice time log. 
  5. Approval of the course semester will result in the student receiving one-half transfer credit and allow him/her to proceed to the next course in the sequence, if needed.  Failure to follow the guidelines put forth by DCA will result in the denial of credit for the course semester and will require the student to take said course at DCA to fulfill the required credit.
  6. DCA retains the right to require a comprehensive exam to verify mastery of course objectives and content as deemed by DCA.  The student may also be required to demonstrate critical thinking skills through a writing assignment.
  7. Fees for courses transferred and for exams proctored will be assessed according to the current DCA Parent/Student Handbook.