High School Community Service Requirements

Matthew 20:27-28 “…and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave; just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ranson for many.”

With a mind toward developing Christ-like students who are willing and able to minister the love of Christ to a lost world, DCA has a Community Service requirement for Secondary students.

All DCA students who are enrolled in grades 9-12 must complete the following minimum hours of approved service to the Denton area and surrounding communities.

Grades 9 and 10: 4 hours per semester (Fall: June-end of Quarter 2, Spring: End of Quarter 2-end of Quarter 4)
Grades 11 and 12: 6 hours per semester (Fall: June-end of Quarter 2, Spring: End of Quarter 2-end of Quarter 4)

Community Service Log sheets are available by the link on the left or in the rack outside of the office and must be turned in, with necessary signatures and the student’s name, by the end of the last day of the 2nd and 4th quarters (the Friday prior to finals week).  ALL community service hours (not just the minimum) should be turned in as they will all be recorded on the student's transcript for colleges/scholarship opportunities.

Failure to submit a Community Service Log Sheet or submission of an incomplete log sheet will result in an addition of 2 extra hours to the student’s requirement for the following semester. Any hours of community service that have not been fulfilled will also be added to the following semester’s requirement. In the event that community service requirements have not been thoroughly fulfilled before graduation, the student may not be able to participate in their graduation ceremony.

Students are only expected to obtain hours for the years they are enrolled in grades 9-12 at DCA.

Examples of Approved Community Service
Community service is an opportunity for DCA students to experience diverse environments and diverse people. As such, a good general rule to follow in selecting a type of community service is to minister to a group outside of the student’s normal peer group. Ministering to people who do not know Christ is a great ideal to strive for. Below are several examples of general and specific opportunities that enthusiastically encourage:

Food banks/homeless shelters
Visiting elderly people at a nursing home
Volunteering to help with a marathon/road race that benefits charity
Habitat for Humanity
Keep Denton Beautiful
Fundraisers for worth charitable group
Anything for which compensation is received, whether financial, material, or services is considered to be unapproved community service.