SCRIPS Fundraiser

List of Participating Businesses


Denton Calvary is partnering with Serve Denton in a different type of fundraiser than we’ve ever done before.  No selling door-to-door – no delivery of products – no buying stuff you really didn’t want anyway!   Money you intended to spend anyway will generate financial support for our school without costing you any additional money!

You can use the gift cards not only as gifts but also for your regular shopping (groceries, gas, eating out) and one-time large purchases (home improvement projects)!

Q:  What is scrip?
A:  SCRIP is a term used for anything that is used in the place of money.  For Denton Calvary Academy, it takes the form of gift cards from over 200 national and 20 local businesses. 

Q:  How do I order?
A:  All orders will be placed online.  For DCA to get credit for the sale, it is important to follow the instructions below or on the attached flyer.  A complete listing of participating businesses, card values, percentages is at the top of the page.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “New User” to set up your member info.
  3. When prompted to join a group, enter the Serve Denton Group ID: 940597SD
  4. Click on “Go to Place and Order”
  5. Select “Denton Calvary Academy” as your team and “Pay to Group Coordinator” from the pull-down menus.
  6. Finalize setup by clicking on “Set Information for this Order”
  7. Start shopping!  Try “Scrip Suggest” and begin typing the name of a local or national business.

Q:  When are the orders due?
A:  Orders must be placed by the 1st and 15th of each month and will available to order on an ongoing basis throughout the entire year.  Cards should be available to pick up from Leah Masey within a week of the ordering deadlines.

Q:  How do I pay for the cards?
A:  There are two options for payment – cash/check or credit card.  It is preferable that you choose the “Pay to Group Coordinator” option and write a check to Serve Denton when you pick up your cards from Leah Masey.  We lose 3% of the available profit if you pay by credit card!

Q:  Do I have to pay more than face value for the card?
A:  No.  If you pay $25 for a card, the card will be valued at $25.

Q:  How does Denton Calvary Academy make money?
A:  When you purchase a gift card, a percentage of the purchase price will be divided equally between Denton Calvary and Serve Denton.  For example, Sonic pays 20% of the face value of the card.  DCA will get 10% and Serve Denton will get 10% of the purchase price.  (Home Depot pays 4%, Chilis pays 11%...)  Remember, money you intend to spend anyway is generating financial support for our school without costing you any additional money!

Q:  Can only Calvary families purchase the gift cards?
A:  No!  You can share this information with friends and family.  As long as they put in the Serve Denton group ID (940597SD) and select Denton Calvary Academy as the team it will benefit us!  We make more money if we get as many people involved as possible!