Purpose & Goal

The aim and focus of the extracurricular activities of DCA is to train the hearts, minds, and spirits of young men and women and in so doing aid in their development of Christ-like character. We desire to instill in them the characteristics of loyalty, commitment, perseverance, patience, diligence, and a conscientious work ethic.
The standard to strive for in DCA activities is not the scoreboard or the expectations of others, but rather, the standard set forth in God’s word. Christ set this standard in the manner in which He lived His life and in His expectations of us as revealed in His Word.

“If we can take a boy and develop him into a man, a Christian warrior, and send him out into the world armed with the simple faith that Christ is his standard and the Bible is the only true source of truth, then we have won the game on God’s scoreboard; and that is the only scoreboard that counts”
~ Garner Simpkins

This truth is the intended philosophy behind each activity offered now and in the future by Denton Calvary Academy.